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We are specialists with expertise in employing GPR technologies for a variety of applications across a broad spectrum of industries.

Geo-Graf has been setting the industry standard for accuracy, integrity, and professionalism for more than three decades.

We have completed over 3,500 projects, including high-profile work at the U.S. Capitol Building, half-dozen Nuclear Power Plants, and even assisted in the discovery of the Original 1607 Fort in Jamestown, Virginia.

It all began with an idea...

In 1977 as a research engineer for the Philadelphia Electric Company, Fred L. Graf (B.S. Mechanical Engineering, Lafayette College) discovered and subsequently developed a concept for using GPR for the detection of underground natural gas leaks. His findings were published and in 1986 he was a featured lecturer at one of the first international GPR conferences. At this time few beyond academia had ever heard of GPR; however, he envisioned widespread GPR usage that could span multiple disciplines and markets. So 1989, he formed Geo-Graf, one of the first companies in the country to exclusively specialize in performing GPR surveys.

Since 1995 Jay Graf (B.S. Chemical Engineering, Penn State) has worked full-time at Geo-Graf. He initially assisted his father as a field technician gaining valuable hands-on experience in the use of GPR. As other geophysical technologies developed, he explored and added those techniques that would best compliment GPR to establish a unique and propriety multi-instrument investigative process. This innovative investigative procedure produced repeatable findings while greatly improving detection rates of targets-of-concern. The result was the promotion of the multi-instrument geophysical investigation from novelty to an essential step in environmental site assessments, civil and geotechnical engineering studies, and even archeological investigations. Now with 30-years of experience and more than 3,500 completed projects, Jay Graf is one of the region's foremost GPR experts.

Jay Graf

Jay first started working summers and holidays at Geo-Graf in the early 1990's while attending Penn State. In 1995 upon completion of a B.S. degree in Chemical Engineering , he decided to join his father's business full time. In 2003, his father retired and Jay took over the daily operations of the company.

Now owner and principal geophysicist at Geo-Graf for nearly 20-years, Jay has over 30-years of experience using GPR and other geophysical techniques. To date, Jay personally conducts every Geo-Graf field investigation.

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